We’re Not Broken Anymore—We’re Original!

original egg art
The Broken Egg on Clark Road is one of the region’s favorite eateries.  It’s changing its name—but that’s all. (Sarasota, FL) The Broken Egg on Clark Road is hatching a new name—The Original Egg. Fans of the wildly popular breakfast and lunch eatery needn’t be concerned. Dawn Hair, the restaurant’s owner, says their eye-opening recipes, comfortable ambiance and outstanding service will stay the same.  "Aside from the new name, we’re keeping everything we stand for,” she says. “It’s worked perfectly for the last 20 years, why change it?"  But why change the name in the first place? “It boils down to legal issues,” says...
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MIMOSA now available with your breakfast or lunch at The Broken Egg ... Enjoy!

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