Sarasota High School Reviews The Original Egg!

original egg student blogRecently students from Sarasota High School had the opportunity to visit The Original Egg. Journalism teacher, Ashlee Alstrom, brought her class in to spend some time learning about our history, while tasting many of our delicious menu items. They were then asked to write reviews about their experiences, which we’ll be sharing with you. We hope you enjoy reading this report by Brooke Foster!                                                                

The Original Egg Cracks the Mold
By Brooke Foster

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should not only be important but delicious. I like a breakfast that makes me say “wow” and keeps me wanting more. Not only does The Original Egg accomplish this but they also go above and beyond when it comes to their meals. The Original Egg is located on Clark Rd in Sarasota, Fla. and is easily ignored. Being located in the corner of a large complex makes it easy to miss. From the outside it looks like an average local restaurant with the usual front porch seating, Florida’s postage stamp palm trees, and possible run-of-the-mill meals. But when you walk in you are greeted with much more. You will be greeted by a smiling hostess, bright blue walls, and the intoxicating smell of hash browns and coffee that will beckon you into the restaurant. Hanging all around you will be colorful and exotic paintings that have been painted by various local artists. With all of this going on it’s almost impossible to not stop and smell the roses or in this case the bacon.

The Original Egg first opened as the Broken Egg Café in 1985, and was started by the owners of the local Oasis Café. After years of dispute between another company over the name of the restaurant The Broken Egg lost its rights to the name. Starting on January 1, 2016 The Broken Egg became The Original Egg. Either way The Original Egg still serves up tasty, mouth-watering food.
While I dined at The Original Egg I was able to try multiple meals that they serve. But one of them stood out to me above the rest: The Blueberry Cheese Blintze ($9.99). This crepe wrapped treat is wafting with smells of ricotta cheese and a faint, sweet blueberry aroma. As it is placed in front of you it seems almost a little daunting, due to the fact that it isn’t your normal breakfast treat. As you inspect it further you are able to see the slightly toasted crepe that contains the smooth, thick ricotta cheese. Poured over all of these flavors is a blueberry sauce made from powdered sugar, sour cream, and obviously blueberries. When your taste buds first touch these concoctions of flavors you see fireworks. The sweet blueberry sauce and the tangy ricotta cheese go so well together that it feels like anything else you are served at this Café cannot be better. But you could not be more wrong.
If you ever dine at The Original Egg a must try is their award winning Hash brown Casserole ($3.39). This blend of sour cream, garlic powder, and cream of potato, cheddar cheese, shredded potatoes, and Worcester sauce will leave your taste buds satisfied. As the casserole is on its way to your table it leaves a lingering aroma of melted cheese that you can smell a mile away. At this point you begin to get antsy, anticipating the meal to come. Now you can see it in the waiters hand and your mouth begins to water. All of this leads up to taking that first bite. At first you just taste cheese and then potato, and after that it’s a mixture of all of the flavors that were used to create this masterpiece called food. You get a crunch from the toasted outside and a chewiness from the potatoes and cheese that go quite well together. You take another bite, and another until you realize that you’ve eaten most of the meal.
Of course there are other dishes that you can enjoy at The Original Egg but none of them compare to the flavor packed Hash brown casserole and the outstanding Cheese Blintze. One of the other choices is their chicken salad which can come as a side or on a sandwich. Is it good? Yes. Is it the best thing that they offer? No. This $9.99 dish is not as worthy of your money. To me I felt like I was eating just a regular chicken salad. It surprised me only because it was the only thing I tried there that lacked a bit of pizazz. There was no surprise, no extravagant twist there was just a well-made chicken salad.
The last dish that I thought was pleasant enough to praise was their Speculoos Cookie Butter French Toast ($9.39). This sweet treat is a regular well-made piece of French toast that has been topped with cinnamon, powdered sugar, and cinnamon glazed strawberries and bananas. But the best part that gives this toast its name is the syrup like Speculoos cookie butter that is drizzled on top. The cookie butter that they use is made out of traditional Holland and Belgium cookies called Speculoos’. These cookies resemble ginger snaps in both taste and appearance and contain cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, cardamom and white pepper. The toast has a French toasts signature toughness on the outside and a warm, chewy, and soft inside. Plopped down beside this is a dollop of fluffy whipped cream that balances out the heavy meal. Mix the cream, the toast, the fruit, and the cookie butter all together and you get a dulcet flavor combination.
The Original Egg is a comfortable atmosphere swimming with the sounds of small talk, clattering plates, sizzling food, and well known music playing in the background. It’s hard not to enjoy your meal in such a bright, cheerful, and upbeat atmosphere. The prices might not be low but the quality sure is high. If you are looking for an enjoyable breakfast or lunch make sure to stop by and check out The Original Egg where everything is what it’s cracked up to be. Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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