We're Not Broken Anymore! We're Original!

Which came first? The chicken or the egg? At last the question can be answered. The Original Egg, of course! Yes, the Broken Egg is getting a new name. But that's all. Our name is changing but everything you love about The Broken Egg will remain the same. After all, we're true originals when it comes to the art of breakfast and lunch. Stay tuned for some exciting news about our newly hatched name!

Can you Resist....Pumpkin Pancakes are back

Our delicious Pumpkin Pancakes are back for a limited time only! Stop by and have some today!

Have you met Rene?

Rene Vaca has been part of the Broken Egg family for the past 13 years. He
is a very hard working and dedicated employee. We are so lucky to have
Rene working with us.

Celebrations start with a gift certificate from the Broken Egg

Birthday, Anniversary or any other celebration. Stop in and pickup a gift certificate today or just buy one online! What could be a better gift...