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Planning a work event? Devote your time to the business – we’ll handle breakfast or lunch. Since 1985, our focus has aimed at cooking up quality meals with tradition in mind, and our catering menus are no exception. From preparation, cooking and cleanup, it’s our forte.

Choose from one of our premade menus or we’ll help you come up with a special menu of your own for each and every work endeavor you’ve dreamed up.

Continental Breakfast: Fruit platter, croissants, mini muffin and pastry platter for $5.99 per person 

The Original Egg Breakfast Sandwich Platter: Croissant with meat choice and scrambled eggs and cheese. Served with fruit and hash brown casserole for $9.99 per person

The Original Egg Hot Breakfast Buffet: Scrambled eggs with or without cheese, sausage and bacon, fruit platter, hash brown casserole and pastry and muffin platter for $11.99 per person

Our Award Winning Cheese Blintz Buffet: Cheese blintzes served with our homemade blueberry sauce, fruit platter and pastry and muffin platter for $12.99 per person; add meat for $14.99 per person

Are lots of people attending your function? Spend $250 on a corporate catering event and receive a $25 gift certificate or spend $500 and receive a $50 gift certificate.

You know a cheese blintz buffet would make your day. 

November 2016 Newsletter

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